Q.How much does projecting my photo and the festival cost?

A. There is no cost to upload the image of your loved one or attend the festival. Both are free.

Q.Where will the festival be held?

A. The National Museum of Mexican Art in the Pilsen neighborhood. 1852 W. 19th St. Chicago, IL, 60608

Q.What are the size requirements for uploading an image?

A. Please submit a portrait of the individual. We kindly ask that you please exclude family photos.

Q. What is the deadline to upload a photo?

A. October 15th, 2017

Q.What if I don't have a digital image?

A. You can email cyepez@nationalmuseumofmexicanart.org or eric.garcia@nationalmuseumofmexicanart.org to help you

Q.When will I be notified about when my photo will be projected?


Q.Do I have to live in Chicago to upload a photograph?

A. No